What is the purpose of the Endometrial Biopsy?
The purpose is to determine if the lining of the uterus (endometrium) is maturing at the proper rate to permit a fertilized egg to implant and to grow. The test is performed here at The Beach Center.

When is it done and what are we looking for?
It is performed on the 12th luteal day or 2 days before an expected menses. During the luteal phase, the lining of the uterus undergoes specific cell changes. By microscopic examination of a small sample of the uterus lining, we can tell if your endometrium is changing properly.

What do we consider a "normal" or an "abnormal" biopsy?
Research has shown that the uterus lining undergoes specific cellular changes daily from the first day after ovulation to the next menses. The endometrial biopsy will let us know if your uterine lining is changing at the proper rate. If it is, your biopsy is "in-phase" or normal. If it is not, it is "out-of-phase" or abnormal.

What is the treatment for a biopsy that is "out of phase?"
The treatment depends on the cause of the out of phase lining. Finding the cause requires further evaluation of your cycle, called cycle monitoring, using ultrasound and blood hormone levels to follow follicle (egg) development. Depending on the outcome of cycle monitoring you may be treated by using poresterone, suppositories or injections, Clomid and/or Pergonal.

What are the procedures for an Endometrial Biopsy?
  • The first step is to take an analgesis (Motrin, Ibuprofen, or Advil) 30-60 minutes before you visit The Beach Center because the test may cause cramping.
  • We will perform a pregnancy test in the office. If you are pregnant, we will cancel the biopsy.
  • A thin plastic catheter will be inserted through the cervix into the uterus and a piece of endometrial tissue will be removed. This takes a few seconds but it can cause cramping.
  • The test may cause a small amount of spotting. After you leave the office, you may resume your normal activities.
  • It is very important to call the office when your menstrual flow begins so we can verify our luteal day schedule. If your menstrual period does not begin within five days, you would need to contact us.

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