What is the purpose of Ovulation Predictor Kits?
Each woman's ovulation day is different. The kit tests positive because it is sensitive to the LH hormone which is the signal that you will ovulate in 12-40 hours. Once ovulation happens, your body temperature rises one-half of a degree. Your most likely time to become pregnant is this 36-hour period after your Kit tests positive.

How do I use the Predictor Kit?
Start testing on the day prescribed. Test at the same time each day. Test in the morning if possible. You must test daily until your urine tests positive. This may mean the use of more than one kit.

How do I use the Predictor Kit to schedule a Post-Intercourse Exam?
Start testing on the day prescribed on the morning schedule. Call the office for an appointment when the test is positive.

What if the Kit does not turn positive?
There are several reasons for this, some of which may indicate the need for other medical methods. Some common reasons are:
  • Testing started after the LH hormone has been excreted in your urine.
  • Improper testing methods.
  • Expired kit.
  • Ovulation did not occur.
  • Urine was too diluted because of excessive fluid intake.
  • A weak amount of LH hormone produced by your body.

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