What is the purpose of Semen Analysis?
The reason for semen analysis is to view the male semen samples under a microscope for signs of abnormality in numbers of sperm, movement of sperm, volume of semen, thickness and thinness of semen, numbers of live sperm and shapes of sperm. This analysis is done by the staff of the Beach Center.

Why is Semen Analysis necessary?
Problems with male semen account for 40 percent of all infertility. Another 40 percent relate to female reproductive and hormone problems. The remaining 20 percent is related to problems with both partners. One in six couples experience infertility problems.

Where does Sperm Antibody Testing fit in?
There is much scientific evidence that sperm antibodies in males and females cause infertility. Sperm antibodies are chemical substances in the semen, cervical mucus, blood and other body fluids that neutralize the purpose of sperm, which is to fertilize an egg.

What is involved with Sperm Antibody Testing?
The Beach center for IVF laboratory uses a technique called the 'Immunobead Test' that tests for sperm antibodies. In the male partner, analysis of a semen specimen is required to detect whether the antibodies are on the sperm. If the female partner tests positive, her cervical mucus may be tested for antibodies. If either of these tests is positive, further testing may be done.

What is the treatment for a Sperm Antibody problem?
The treatments are constantly being reassessed. Dr. Jill Flood will discuss options with patients who do test positive for sperm antibodies.

What is the preocedure for Semen Analysis?
  • Your first step is to schedule an office appointment. You can contact our Andrology Lab at 428-0002 for an appointment and instructions.
  • The semen may be collected at home (if you live within 1 hour of our office) or at the Beach Center for IVF.
  • The specimen must be collected by masturbation, with clean hands, into a sterile container provided by our office.

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